Apologies and Information….

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First of all, I really need to apologize for my lack of communication here.  The past year has been a whirlwind of activity for me for various reasons.  The long and short of it is, I needed a break from hands-on online marketing for businesses.  I had been doing work for small to mid-sized businesses […]

Freaked Out About Link Building? This Might Help…


Not too long ago, Google updated their link-building guidelines.  In essence, Google wants you to focus on natural link building.  The problem is that not many people know or understand what this means exactly.  You are definitely not alone if you feel a little confused and Google isn’t being very open about it. What they are […]

The Lazy Business Owners Way to Outpace Competition Online

Chevy Citation

When you (or me, or anyone else who has a website) talks about SEO, one component we usually think of is links; that is, getting other important websites to link to you thus increasing your importance online. A link from another good website online is a vote of confidence for your website. But for local […]