A Twitorial

Twitter is talked about all the time isn’t it?  You hear about celebrities getting astronomical numbers of Twitter followers, companies who advertise to “follow” them on Twitter, and some of your friends may even be saying “Hey, follow me on Twitter!”.

And you might have decided that it’s time for you to jump on the Twitter bandwagon but aren’t quite sure what it is, how to use it, and most of all, how to get the most effectiveness out of it.

That’s why this “How to Twitter – A Twitorial” guide was written.  It’s 100% free and will teach you how to follow people, how to use those funny little symbols like @ and # correctly, how to send a direct message to someone so that not everyone in the world can read it and little known ways to shorten up your message when it comes time to trying to fit your lengthy thoughts into a mere 140 characters.

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Getting Started

Talking the Twitter Talk


Getting Followers / Interacting


Twitter Tools